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Childrens Football Parties:

Organising a childrens football party actually involves a lot more work, thought and planning than you might at first imagine. But don't worry - help is at hand, and there are plenty of people you can "outsource" some (or all) of the work to if you feel the need.

Things you may want to consider outsourcing might include caterers, football coaches or referees, hiring in bouncy castles, or even handing the whole event over to someone else to run for you. We obviously can't offer recommendations for each of these for every city across the world, but we can give you a few ideas of things to think about.

Party Packages

There are venues that will host your entire football party for you. Indoor and outdoor 5- or 6-a-side centres are springing up all over the world that, as well as hosting kids leagues on Saturday mornings and adult leagues in the evenings, are very much "open for business" when it comes to hosting your party. They are all different, all run by different people with different business plans, so it's impossible to give any hard and fast rules as to exactly how much or how little they will get involved in your party. Some will simply provide your kids with a safe area to play football, others will provide a coach/referee for them. Some will have a room available for the kids before/after their football game, others will also do some catering for you. A couple of quick phone calls will help clarify what services your local centre can provide, and what you may still have to do yourself (or find somebody else to help with).

Among the best known chains of centres in the UK are:


Outsourcing catering doesn't have to be as grand as it sounds! It could simply be a case of getting someone you know who is good at that sort of thing to make a special birthday cake, or it could be a case of ordering in pizza, or taking the kids to their favourite burger restaurant, rather than having to do all the food preparation yourself. While it may add to the cost slightly, it will certainly reduce your workload and stress levels!


Getting someone to take charge of the kids for an hour or so is another way of significantly reducing your stress levels! Contact your local football club and see if they can put you in contact with a coach who might be willing or able to do an hour's football activities with the kids. But check first to make sure the club has safeguarding measures in place - coaches should all be Police-checked (CRC or CRB in the UK), have some sort of coaching qualification and a first aid qualification - the kids safety comes first, always.

If you want something other than football for the kids to enjoy, why not look into hiring a bouncy castle for the event? We've even seen giant inflatable table football games (where the players are strapped to bars across the inflatable pitch, like the players on a table football game). Or "zorb" football, where the players are inside giant transparent globes themselves! There are plenty of ideas out there - get creative!

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