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Childrens Football Parties:

Fortunately, if you throw a football party for children, it's pretty self-explanatory, and it's unlikely they'll be disappointed if you just set them up to play a game of football between themselves. However, you can make it a bit more fun and varied by trying some of the ideas below, in addition to playing a small-sided match (which you can pretty much guarantee they WILL want to do). A few ideas for quieter indoor activities are also listed below, if you need them for calming the children down, or for wet weather.

If you are outsourcing this side of your party to a football centre or coach, make sure you're clear beforehand how long the coach will have the children for, check what equipment he/she is providing and what (if anything) they expect you to provide. Make sure all the players know in advance what they need to bring (football kit, shin pads, what type of footwear?), and maybe plan to have a "quiet" activity to calm them down after their games but before they start eating.

"Active" Football Activities

  • Try playing a few short games in the form of a five-a-side tournament, rather than one long ten-a-side match
  • Have a penalty shoot-out competition, either individually or in teams
  • Kids love pinatas - why not get a football design pinata for the party?
  • Try some games specifically developed to help children develop their football skills.
    There are loads of web sites that claim to have good ideas in this area, such as Footy 4 Kids, but most you have to sign up to some kind of subscription. Far better to speak to someone you know (or a friend of a friend) who is an FA qualified coach or works at a local sports centre, and get some ideas from them
  • Organise team races, dribbling a ball in and out of some cones
  • Set up a goal, and have the children score goals. Then move them back five steps and try again. Keep going until only one "winner" is left
  • Organise a "keepy uppy" contest
  • Divide them into groups of three, and give them one ball per group.
    Get them to play "piggy in the middle" in their groups; two children have to keep the ball away from the one in the middle.
    This is really good training, and helps improve ball control, passing, awareness, shielding the ball, tackling... They can learn so much from this simple game, without realising they're learning! But make sure they take turns being in the middle!

"Quiet(er)" Activities

  • Print off pictures of well-known football team kits or famous players, and have a football quiz
  • Organise the children into teams and have a football trivia quiz.
    We have links to loads of such quizzes of varying difficulty on our Football Trivia Quiz Page, including some specifically for children
  • Colouring in pictures of their favourite teams' kits
    This link takes you to worksheets that have blank kits to colour in plus colouring instructions for every team in the 2014 World Cup,but you can adapt them for use with other teams, or have a competition to see who can design the best new football kit!
  • Colouring in flags of their favourite footballing nations
    This link takes you to lots of World Cup-related colouring worksheets.

Other Thoughts/Ideas

  • Take team photos - they provide fun souvenirs of the day for the children
  • Provide medals or certificates as souvenires for the best team, player, fair play award, etc.
    You can print off certificates here

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